May – Indie Children’s Book of the Month

promotional image for Indie Book of the Month. The logo is a round fan (depicting an open book) in orange at the bottom and blue at the top. the words say: Independent Booksellers' CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE MONTH : A Wolf Called Wander by Rosanne Parry Illustrated by Monica Armiño (Andersen Press) THE BEST NEW BOOKS FROM YOUR FAVOURITE BOOKSHOP @booksaremybag #indiebookotthemonth The BA Children’s Bookselling Group has announced A Wolf Called Wander by Rosanne Parry as its Independent Booksellers’ Children’s Book of the Month for May.

From the author of The Turn of the Tide, A Wolf Called Wander is the story of Swift, a young wolf who is separated from his pack and forced to find a new home in the mountains, renaming himself Wander and learning how to survive alone. With illustrations by Mónica Armiño, A Wolf Called Wander is published by Andersen.

“The wolf star, brightest of all in the summer sky, shines over my home ground. Alone and starving, Swift must make a choice: stay and try to eke out a desperate life on the borders of his old hunting grounds, or strike out and find a new place to call home.”

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the cover of  a Wolf Called Wander - a teal-blue background, with a picture of a black and white wolf, head raised as if howling. The title of the book is in script in the sky above its head, in white. There is an icy landscape behind, in dark, but not quite silhouetterResponding to the book’s selection, Rosanne Parry emphasised the importance of independent bookstores, “When I was a kid, my neighbourhood bookshop was a haven of curiosity, only a bike ride away. In their willingness to embrace new voices in children’s literature, indie bookstores have made my writing career possible. I am incredibly proud to live in a city that nurtures so many local bookstores and prouder still to call myself an indie bookseller at my neighbourhood gem, Annie Blooms Books.”  

Our Children’s Book of the Month titles are chosen by a panel of independent booksellers, from a range of new children’s titles submitted by publishers. It will give one new children’s book the opportunity of focussed promotion in independent bookshops across the country each month. The Children’s Book of the Month was created after the success of the Children’s Book of the Season in 2018 and aims to showcase independent bookshops’ power and unique expertise to drive sales of children’s books.
Logo of Independent Booksellers' Children's Book fo the month. A round stylised fanned open book, with the pages at the top being blue and the book at the bottom being orange. The words Independent booksellers' are around the top, in blue, and swirly font, and the Children's Book of the Month words are aroudn the bottom, in a standard front in orange.

If you’d like to talk about this month’s book, or any of the Books of the Month that you buy from us, please use the hashtag #indiebookofthemonth on social media (Twitter/Instagram/etc)