Worry (May) – Bloomsbury Picture Books

Bloomsbury Picture Books is all about making us feel better when we’re not sure about something!

The idea of this scheme is to match each child with the perfect book for them. They’re inspired by seasonal events and situations that little ones can relate to.

This month is Worry and the books they’ve included on the list for this month are:

  • Ruby’s Worry – Tom Percival
  • I Don’t Want to be Small – Laura Ellen Anderson
  • Eric Makes a Splash – Emily MacKenzie

And if you want to buy this month’s titles:

Cover of Ruby's Worry. A small black girl with afro hair tied up in two ponytails, wearing a blue dress, stands looking very worried. Behind her is a small dark fluffy cloud.The cover is yellow, with the title in messy blue capitals above the girl's head


Ruby’s Worry – Tom Percival

Ruby loves being Ruby. Until, one day, she finds a worry. At first it’s not such a big worry, and that’s all right, but then it starts to grow. It gets bigger and bigger every day and it makes Ruby sad. How can Ruby get rid of it and feel like herself again?

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Cover of I don't want to be Small. Blue background with the title all over it, in messy capitals. SMALL is in red. There's a black boy with black afro hair and a green top standing on the letters LL, holding a long pole, that might be a tape measure I Don’t Want to be Small – Laura Ellen Anderson

NO! I do NOT want to be so small!
I wish I’d keep growing so I can be tall.

This little boy is fed up with being so little. He wants to be as tall as his friends and his big brother. But when he loses his teddy bear up a tree, not even his new tall friend can get it back for him. Maybe with a little bit of help they can reach the bear together …

A fun and inspiring tale about learning to love who we are, no matter what size. A perfect picture book for little people who don’t want to be so little! From the brilliant Laura Ellen Anderson – the author/illustrator of the brilliantly fun I Don’t Want Curly Hair and the bestselling Amelia Fang series

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Cover of Eric Makes a Splash. A panda bear in a swimming costume, with a duck rubber ring around his middle, is entering the pool by climbing down steps. He's facing us, so climbing the wrong way, really. The pool is blue tiles and the wall at hte back of the pool is pale blue. The title is on the right of the page, with the word SPLASH in blue, having splashes of water drops around it.

Eric Makes a Splash – Emily MacKenzie

Eric is about to make a splash … Or is he?

The problem is that Eric is a worrier, and nothing worries him more than the thought of swimming. So when Eric receives an invitation to a pool party, he is sent into a worrying whirl. What if his fur gets wet? What if water goes in his eyes? What if he sinks to the bottom of the pool?

Fortunately, Eric has a brave and fearless friend who wants to help. But can she convince Eric that swimming is fun?

A positive and imaginative treatment of a very common childhood worry that is guaranteed to help allay the fears of little worriers everywhere.

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It would be lovely to see what you’ve done using the themes – either dressing up or going out somewhere related to the themes, or even just doing the activities! Please upload your photos to Instagram, and use the following tags – @nickelbooks @bloomsburybooks #BloomsburyPictureBooks