Bedtime (April) – Bloomsbury Picture Books

Bloomsbury Picture Books is all about making sure we have enough energy to see us through the day!

The idea of this scheme is to match each child with the perfect book for them. They’re inspired by seasonal events and situations that little ones can relate to.

This month is Bedtime, and the books they’ve included on the list for this month are:

And if you want to buy this month’s titles:

Cover of Bedtime with Ted. A dark blue cover with the title in colourful capitals. A black toddler wearing an orange hat with a green bobble sits reading a green book covered with a moon and stars. Bedtime with Ted – Sophy Henn
It’s time for bed, Ted! But Ted is busy. He’s brush, brush, brushing his teeth with a crocodile! And splish, splosh, splashing with penguins in the bath. And jump, jump, jumping out his fi dgets with a
kangaroo …
Join in the fun as Ted is too busy for bedtime – and lift the flaps to find out what he is doing next! All the craziness leads to a quiet and soothing ending, making this the ideal fun bedtime read for toddlers.

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Cover of Goodnight World. A pale blue sky is the background, with a silhouette of houses at the bottom. There is a huge cream moon in the middle of the page, with the title cross in cursive script. there's a tree at the top in the foreground, with an owl sitting on a branch

Goodnight World – Debi Gliori

Goodnight ice and goodnight snow,
Goodnight lights above, aglow.

It’s time to say goodnight with this gorgeous bedtime story from the much-loved Debi Gliori, bestselling author-illustrator of No Matter What.
Join in the list of important things to say goodnight to – ships, animals, plants, toys and of course, the sun – in a beautifully illustrated rhyming text that’s perfect for bedtime.

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Cover of Rockabye Pirate. Yellow sand under a dark blue sky. the title is at the top in gold capitals. There is a group of cartoony pirates surrounding a treasure chest, which is bursting with gold and coins and jewelleryRockabye Pirate – Timothy Knapman, illusAda Grey

Rock-a-bye pirate, in the crow’s nest
Mummy says bedtime, and Mummy knows best.
You’ve had your adventures, you’ve sailed the high seas,
So under the covers and go to sleep, please.

After sailing the seven seas and making other pirates walk the plank, Rockabye Pirate is sleepy.
There’ll be no more yo-ho-hoing and no more ‘A-harr me hearties!’
It’s time for loot-filled lullabies and dreams of buried treasure.

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It would be lovely to see what you’ve done using the themes – either dressing up or going out somewhere related to the themes, or even just doing the activities! Please upload your photos to Instagram, and use the following tags – @nickelbooks @bloomsburybooks #BloomsburyPictureBooks