Wonderful Women (March) – Bloomsbury Picture Books

Bloomsbury Picture Books is all about celebrating achievements and encouraging us to take on the world!

The idea of this scheme is to match each child with the perfect book for them. They’re inspired by seasonal events and situations that little ones can relate to.

This month is Wonderful Women, and the books they’ve included on the list for this month are:

I’ve uploaded the activity sheets as PDF files, so you can print them off, or do them on your computer (picture editing programmes are useful for that!)  Please click on the titles of the books above to get the files (if there’s no link on the title, I’m sorry that means I haven’t been sent activities for that title).

And if you want to buy this month’s titles:

cover of Fantastically great women who worked wonders. dark red background with an orange circely aura around the outside. the title is the main image, but the word Fantastically is tiny compared with the other words. Aroudn the title are little pictures of the women featured in the bookFantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders – Kate Pankhurst

Kate Pankhurst is back with a brand new, brilliant book about incredible women in the world of work. What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a BIG question that everyone is asked from an early age.  Discover eye-opening facts about a collection of go-getting women who have pioneered careers in a kaleidoscope of different industries. Join scientists, doctors, athletes, hot-air balloonists and more; journey back in time with these brave, bold and brilliant women and discover that anything is possible when you make the most of YOUR talents.

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Cover of Princess Swashbuckle. A bluey pink sky with pink and green castle turrets at the bottom. There are several penant flags waving, as well as bunting tied across the poles. Above that is a green orincess in a pink dress, flying on a rope from one flag pole into the air. She's wearing a black pointy hat. The title of the book is in the flag on the top of the flagpole she's flying from.Princess Swashbuckle – Hollie Hughes, illus Deborah Allwright

Tired of the same old princess-meets-her-prince stories? Bored of princesses in frilly pink dresses? Fed up with princes getting all the action? Yes? So is Princess Swashbuckle. She’s Swashbuckle by name, swashbuckling by nature and she’s about to show the world what a great pirate captain she can be. Charmingly breaking the mould, Princess Swashbuckle is a rollicking tale of adventure and finding your own happy.

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Cover of I'm a Girl! A white background, with a blue rabbit-type girl in the middle front. She's wearing red shorts and playing a guitar, and is excited and having fun. The title of the book is above her head in scruffy handwriting, in red. There are several flowers of different colours and types in the foregroundI’m a Girl! – Yasmeen Ismail

I’m supposed to be made of sugar and spice
and all things nice.
But I’m sweet and sour
and not a little flower.

I am a girl! I am a girl! I am a girl!

The girl in this book likes to win, she likes to be spontaneous, fast and strong – and because she also likes to dress in shirt and shorts, she is forever getting mistaken for a boy. When she meets a boy who likes wearing princess dresses and playing dolls, they both quickly discover that they share lots of interests – and that there’s nothing better than being yourself!

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It would be lovely to see what you’ve done using the themes – either dressing up or going out somewhere related to the themes, or even just doing the activities! Please upload your photos to Instagram, and use the following tags – @nickelbooks @bloomsburybooks #BloomsburyPictureBooks