Booktime March/April 2019

cover of Booktime magazine. White border with title across the top in orange. The main picture belw the title is of the book Scavengers, which is a big orange sky with a silhouette of a person sitting on a pile of boxes. They are stroking a dog. Above the head of the person is the word Scavengers in big black capitals.

Booktime is our book review magazine.

It’s published every two months, and we normally have paper copies to give out to anyone who would like one.

For the first time this month, it’s also available online as a PDF (so you have to download it)

This is great news for you and for us because it means we’re not limited to the number of copies we have, and you don’t have to wait for us to bring you the copy before you can read it!

Please click here to download your copy.

If you wish to order any of the books featured in Booktime, please fill in the form below, and we’ll send you an invoice. All books are sent through Send My Book, which means books are despatched the next working day directly to your address.

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Books are sent via Royal Mail (first class where available), which we provide as a free service. If you would like your books to be sent by Special Delivery (next day with a signature), we do charge for this service.

The following services cost extra – please state on the order form if you want these.
If you wish the books to be gift-wrapped, we can provide this at a charge of 50p per book.
We can also provide plastic protective (library) covers. Small book covers cost 50p each, large book covers cost £1 each.

Your details are held on Paypal, which is a secure, password protected system. We do not use your details for any purpose other than taking payment and sending books. We do not currently have a mailing list, but if you’d like us to contact you with new books and products, please let us know.